Andreas Messer

As Managing Director and Senior Managing Consultant, Andreas Messer is responsible for human resources strategy, customer care and major parts of the operative side of business projects.

Mr. Messer advises transaction banks and financial service providers in the implementation of legal requirements, in exploring strategic business opportunities and changes in system environments from conception to go-live. His professional focus lies in planning and control, design and process optimization of transactional systems.

Alfred Schölles

As Managing Director and Senior Managing Consultant Alfred Schölles is responsible for sales and marketing strategy, managing German customers as well as for significant parts of the business project operations.

Mr. Schölles advises state banks and financial institutions in the realization of system implementations and changes in system landscapes from concept to go-live. His professional focus is on planning, design and test management of complex systems.

About Us

messer + schölles has been in the consulting business for over 18 years. Our core business is specialized in consulting banks and financial institutions with our team of experts predominantly focusing on clearing and settlement processes and technologies for banks and financial institutions.

Key aspects of our specialization are system reengineering, Straight-Through Processing (STP), risk management and the conceptual support of migration and fusion projects.

The process design for front, middle and back office systems make up the core themes of our consulting business.

In recent years we have augmented our knowledge of both migration and fusion projects, as well as in the transformation of legal requirements on the system landscapes - putting this  to profitable use for our customers, especially in the areas of trade, settlement, risk management and restructuring. Thereby the emphasis was on services such as system decisions (make or buy), GAP analysis for workflow and lifecycles of business transactions (business related), profiles and definitions of system interfaces, and migration design and implementation.


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